What we Do

“Through Consider, Act, Seek, and Transform one can CAST Culturally Enriched Communities.”

We are “Cultural Enrichers”*who advocate for healthy and connected communities in which everyone can thrive and who share the CAST commitment, which means “to form by this process.”

Acknowledge that often, meaning-making choices are bounded due to disparities, stereotypes, access to opportunities, and systemic inequalities.
Consider with our researchers    →
Challenge assumptions and perceptions and create dialogues in higher education, design practice, and policy-making.
Act with our strategists    →
Devote time, energy, and funds to capture and understand diverse experiences – from policy makers to community members.
Seek with our interpreters    →

Account for the complex and multidimensional perspectives identified in designs and policies.
Transform with our designers    →

* The term “Cultural Enrichers” was coined by Traci Engel Lesneski, CEO, President, and Principal with MSR Design.

Meet our team

Our team of cultural enrichers is led by Founder and Director Dr. Tasoulla Hadjiyanni and includes students, faculty, organizations, institutions, and advocates.