Art is an instrumental medium for making sense of the world and Yayoi Kusama, a world-renowned artist felt the need to address COVID-19 with a poem through the Victoria Miro gallery website. She calls on us to reflect on the lessons as we plan the future through words that include:

“For those left behind, each person’s story and that of their loved ones
It is time to seek a hymn of love for our souls
In the midst of this historic menace, a brief burst of light points to the future
Let us joyfully sing this song of a splendid future
Let’s go”

Dedicated to the preservation and presentation of all forms of Russian art and artifacts, Minnesota’s Museum of Russian Art is the only North American museum of its kind. Testimony to the Russian community that now calls Minnesota home, the Museum offers educational programs and diverse exhibitions to engage community members and visitors so they can explore new perspectives on the history, heritage and art of Russia and surrounding cultures. Housed in a renovated Spanish colonial type church building, the museum is testimony to the philosophy that “learning about other cultures enriches our lives.”

Minnesota’s Museum of Russian Art

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) mission is to “enrich the community by collecting, preserving, and making accessible outstanding works of art from the world’s diverse cultures.” Engagement with the diverse cultural groups of the region translates into galleries in which all members of the community can relate to and find ways to connect to their past and heritage. These galleries range from the newly renovated African Galleries to the Tibetan Yamantaka Mandala created by monks of the Gyuto Tantric University while in  residence at the MIA, the first of its kind to be made permanent through a collaboration with 3M. Cultural sensitivity carries through the installation of exhibits, such as Native American shields which according to tradition, should not be facing each other.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Minneapolis, Minnesota