Art Deco lamps light up the interior in a 1920s photograph of Minnehaha Liquor store on Lake Street and Minnehaha Blvd, one of the city’s oldest liquor stores and one of the first to receive a liquor license. The store’s neon sign is a quintessential example of American retail attention-grabbers. It wasn’t until after WWII that Max Krause came to the US through Ellis Island, eventually settling in Minnesota. He bought Minnehaha Liquors in 1983 and in 1989 his son Steve Krause became the owner–a story that speaks to the American dream with a business serving the Minneapolis and Longfellow neighborhood for almost 100 years. Only two years ago, Steve’s son Jason joined the family business. Their motto is to “strive and make sure that each person who walks through our doors knows how much we value them and appreciate their business.” A gofundme account has been set to help employees after the store burned to the ground.