“I am in America but also in Somalia. I can get anything I want…..we have four Somali malls, it is almost like home!” This is how Karina, whose story is featured in The Right to Home (p.113) explained her decision to move to Minneapolis. Two buildings make-up the Somali Mall near the intersection of Lake St. and Pillsbury Av., the largest collection of Somali businesses in the country. Over 175 shops, restaurants and even a mosque are housed in the mall, and all but 25 are owned by women entrepreneurs. Delegations from Sweden and the mayor of Portland visited Minneapolis to learn about policies that can help their cities better address the needs of Somali immigrants. As Stefanie Chambers of Trinity College argues, in her book Somalis in the Twin Cities & Columbus, this success should not cloud the many Somalis who remain in poverty and struggle with language for jobs and adaptation.