The sign above Dur Dur Bakery & Grocery Store’s entrance prepares you for what is inside: halal meat including goat and camel, which to Somali nomads is everything: mode of transportation, food, and milk. Devoted Muslims typically consume halal meat, which means the animal is killed in a humane way and a dedication is recited. Located on 1552 E Lake Street, Dur Dur is only a few blocks from Midtown Global Market, where Somali Chef Jamal Hashi has his restaurant Safari Express. Prior to demonstrating how to cook Gedo Masala, a recipe he learned from his mother, he stops at Dur Dur to pick up spices as “This is where life is!” In ancient times, he says, “Somalia was known as the Cape of Spices…Immigrants don’t just bring burden, but they bring great stuff. Great ideas, food, you know, things that make us human.” E Lake Street’s abundance of choice is testimony to that premise.