Amidst the rubble of what remained from Mama Safia’s Kitchen on the ground floor of the Coliseum, Saida Hassan found the sign she made for her mother when the restaurant first opened. It read, “Mama Safia’s Kitchen. Seasoned with Love,” “Because she always cooks with love.” Safia Munye, a Somali immigrant, opened the restaurant in 2018 with her retirement savings, adding another example of Somali entrepreneurship in Minnesota, particularly for women. Now, the destruction reignites the trauma many experienced fleeing war-torn countries. “My heart is broken. My mind is broken,” Safia exclaimed. As a mother, she could relate to Floyd calling for his mama: “I know I can’t come back from this. But this can be replaced. George’s life cannot.” During the pandemic, she had to choose between paying for insurance and paying staff–she chose her staff, leaving her with no funds to rebuild. See GoFundMe.