“Ayeeyo” means grandmother in Somali and in times of conflict, the poems and stories they tell become acts of communication that educate the young about emotion and complexity. During the riots however, Suad Hassan credits the wall mural of Ayeeyo Childcare Center and the fact that she stood guard for two weeks for sparing their business. She was only 7 years old when she arrived to the US from Kenya where her family fled to escape the war in Somalia. Reliving this trauma she urges those in pain to, “Tell your story. Speak up.” Million Artist Movement and Don’t You Feel It Too? came together to fill the sidewall of 1837 E Lake St with faces of Somali women and words, like “amor”, “family” and the Arabic word for civilization as a means of building community. East African business owners face language and cultural barriers that make it especially difficult to find loans and navigate bureaucracies during this time. See gofundme.