A former stewardess, Brenda Ingersoll says that running a coffee shop is essentially like running an airplane: “You’ve got to build relationships.” She co-owns Milkweed on 3822 E. Lake Street with Alex Needham. They opened the coffee shop in 2019 and just celebrated their one year anniversary! They use Fair Trade organic companies and sourcing supplies from local vendors, such as Tiny Footprint Coffee in Brooklyn Park, a company that combines small-batch artisan coffee with reforestation efforts in places such as Ecuador, making it the world’s first carbon negative coffee which also supports the regions’ economic stability. Ecuadorian farmers expect to lose 73% of their harvest due to the pandemic and the lack of roads. Design-wise, Milkweed’s renovation accounted for single users along with children, creating what neighbor Nikki Baker said, “a community place which is what people need.”