Cultural appropriation refers to elements of one culture being adopted by members of another culture. Since 2011, the term became mainstream and describes many of fashion’s misuses of historical and cultural precedents – from Vogue “slave earrings” to Urban Outfitters “Navajo line”. “There is nothing honorable or historically appreciative in selling items such as the Navajo Print Fabric Wrapped Flask, Peace Treaty Feather Necklace, Staring at Stars Skull Native Headdress T-shirt or the Navajo Hipster Panty,” Sasha Houston Brown of the Santee Sioux Nation and a Minneapolis resident wrote to CEO Glen Senk in 2011. Policies must also change and this June, the company announced it has changed a policy intended to combat shoplifting that allegedly resulted in the racial profiling of customers. The company will also require a third-party review of store practices and diversity training for associates and managers, as well as increase recruiting at historically Black colleges and universities.