Lu’s Sandwich is all about the banh mi, where a Vietnamese version of the French baguette is filled with pork pate, pickled carrots, and various sauces. Food can be a stark reminder of colonization’s impact, in this case the French reach into Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. The street on which the restaurant is found is also named after a French, Joseph Nicollet, known for mapping the Upper Mississippi during the 1830s. French fur traders were the first European presence verified in Minnesota in 1700s’ Grand Portage. The scars of colonization last for generations and a victory of anti-racism protesters in Belgium is when the King sent his “deepest regrets” to the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo for the “suffering and humiliation” they endured. In “Decolonizing interior design education,” I identify four ways to nurture graduates who are equipped to address systems of exclusion.