Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables placed bread in the center of social, economic, and political discourses. According to David Bellos (2017) in The Novel of a Century, Hugo was on his way to work on a cold day in February 1846, when he saw a thin young man with a loaf of bread under his arm being led away by police, arrested for stealing the loaf. Hugo thought, “The man was no longer a man in my eyes but the specter of la misère, of poverty” (p.7). An estimated 17,000 Ethiopians live in Minnesota, among them Sara Wordofa, who worked two full-time jobs while building her customer base for the Injera, the delicious Ethiopian bread that now serves as the backbone of her restaurant Katar River. The African Development Center (ADC) helped her make her vision a reality back in 2008 and in 2012, she was awarded the ADC Business of the Year award.