As worker-owned, The Hub Bicycle Co-op seeks to “enrich community rather than extract from it.” This principle is demonstrated in all they do, from their motto “All Types of Bikes For All Types of People” to their building’s location and services. Found at the intersection of East Lake and Minnehaha Ave, the co-op models business practices that advocate for social, racial, and environmental justice. They donate labor, money, and merchandise to community initiatives, contributing to the urban landscape. Their decision-making process is democratic – all proposals are decided by Hub workers through a consensus process. They stand by #15now, $15/hr minimum wage. They reduce waste and pollution through recycling in their Salvage Yard. They spread knowledge in their classroom space and create opportunities in the D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) room, a space you may rent for $5/hr to work on your own bicycle project.