Plywood used to protect storefronts can find a new life as miniature rental homes for people living with homelessness. Settled, a Twin Cities-based homeless advocacy group, is asking for donations to help build “Sacred Settlements” on church properties. Partly because of the not-in-my-back-yard approach, Gabrielle Clowdus, one of the co-founders noted that Settled relies on faith-based organizations for “zoning-exempt” sites and other resources. A prototype built last September sits in the parking lot of Woodland Hills Church. The homes are compact, about 10 feet by 20 feet, and they include a bed, a toilet area, a kitchen table and a kitchenette. Each takes a couple of weeks to build and around $20,000. Donated plywood can shave $450 to $500. Community advocates and trained volunteers live alongside the formerly homeless residents to ensure a thriving settlement. To donate, call 512-788-0344.