Dollar stores have been exponentially growing. In a journal article, Dr. Sriya Shrestha unearths the “….contradictions that these retailers face in targeting low-income consumers.” Women are the primary consumers of discount retailers, buying essentials, such as soap and school supplies. In 2016, women were 38% more likely to live in poverty than men (21.4% of Black women, 22.8% of Native, 30.7% of women with disabilities). By creating a sense of abundance, filling stores with thousands of products on shelves below eye level, consumers can feel a sense of self-worth. Counterarguments point to dollar stores contributing to the economic distress of low-income neighborhoods as they drive out grocers and eliminate local jobs. Dr. Shrestha reminds everyone that what is important is “that people have the income so that they don’t have to rely on the dollar store for meeting their basic needs.”