At the intersection of E. 26th St and 26th Av S sits the Hexagon bar. A stable in the Seward neighborhood since 1934, it takes its name from its six sided wood bar that had a center island cooler with cash registers and liquor step-ups above it. The building transports us to an era when this area was known as the Hub of Hell, the southeastern edge of Minneapolis’ liquor patrol limits that dictated where hard liquor could be served pre-Prohibition. The working-class clientele goes back to 1935 when the Hub was the site of a labor strike that became violent. In recent years, the Hex was among south Minneapolis’ Best Dive Bars, with live music, “a good place for calloused hands to grip simple, cheap, and icy American beers.” As Roxie Doodle noted, “The Hex was my girlfriend’s Grandma’s favorite bar. In January of 1964, when she was dying, her last words were “Are we at the Hex?””