The Little Mermaid sculpture is perhaps one of the most prominent tourist attractions of Copenhagen. Cities with a symbol that people can relate to, are better able to communicate their story and relevance. The story goes that a Danish brewer, Carl Jacobsen, went to see Hans Beck and Fini Henrique’s ballet “The Little Mermaid” (based on Christian Andersen’s tale) where he wanted to celebrate the ballerina Ellen Price performance of her role as the Little Mermaid. He commissioned sculptor Edvard Eriksen to design the Little Mermaid in 1913, which now stands in the harbor, by the Kastellet. According to, it was “a part of the city’s initiative to decorate parks and public areas with classical and historic figures.” The statue’s infinitely longing gaze resonates with visitors and has garnered love and attention, evident today through the many selfies taken with the statue.