Bemidji’s Shared Vision addresses issues of racial disparity and bias, as well as promotes and embraces cultural understanding and respect between the Native and non-Native populations. In 2009, Shared Vision commissioned a community study on racial attitudes in the Bemidji area, which revealed that half of the Native Americans surveyed said race relations were poor and that they faced discrimination in the job market and in housing. Events aimed to improving race relations include ‘Cultural Connections’, a community celebration with food, drinks, music, live entertainment, workshops and information resources at the Lake Bemidji waterfront park and ‘Everything You Want to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask’ meetings in community spaces. Opportunities for such conversations have been shown to strengthen the social cohesion of neighborhoods and individuals’ connection to and integration with their community (Aiyer, Zimmerman, Morrel-Samuels, & Reischl, 2015).