Affordable housing is out of reach for many residents across Minnesota. “Duluth is the least-affordable housing market in the state and has been for many, many years,” reflects Joel Kilgour, an advocate for people experiencing homelessness and a member of Loaves and Fishes, an organization that provides free meals to the hungry. To respond to the lack of affordable housing, Duluth built as a prototype for homeless housing a 336-square foot single family structure co-located as an “Accessory Dwelling Unit” per building code standards. The single bedroom, full bath, apartment-size micro house is energy efficient and was completed in Fall 2015 by mostly retired volunteers, putting in practice the principle of sustainable development for all (Dale & Newman, 2009). Center City Housing Corp. is the owner of this project, the pro-bono design was done by Wagner-Zaun Architecture and equipment support was provided by Johnson-Wilson Constructors.