Food is a meaning-making activity enjoyed by all – it transcends race, ethnicity, and income to bring people together by its different tastes, aromas, and ingredients. Cooking with Friends is a program that occurs every few months at Hopkins’ Eisenhower Elementary School. “It’s a partnership with the BRCC (Blake Road Corridor Collaborative) and so anyone who wants comes, and they generally plan a meal…from…various cultures and they bring their recipes and the BRCC purchases all the ingredients and it’s great,” elaborates Mayor Cummings. “It’s a great opportunity to cook and visit and everyone gets involved.” The city hopes that Cottageville Park’s community garden can help expand the Cooking with Friends program to different neighborhoods across the city, instilling the benefits of better nutrition and increased exercise to all residents (Wakefield, Yeudall, Taron, Reynolds, & Skinner, 2007).