Youth homelessness is a growing problem in Minnesota as an estimated 6,000 youth experience homelessness on any given night. Brooklyn Park’s Mayor Lunde reflects that, “there’s all of these holes for kids to fall in and so, with the support of the faith community, we built the first [teen] homeless shelter in the suburbs.” Opened in 2015, Brooklyn Avenues offers a 12-bed short-term housing program for homeless youth ages 16 to 21, “a safe and home-like place to stabilize, address their crisis needs, begin healing from their trauma and start addressing long-term goals.” Following the premise that shelters should be part of a strategy that engages people and the community in addressing homelessness (Culhane,Metraux, & Byrne, 2011), the program provides safe transitional housing with intensive support services, while allowing the youth to stay within or close to their home community.