Informing how the design of the built environment can create communities in which everyone can thrive.

Through research, education, design, and policy advocacy, we help eliminate health, income, and educational disparities and strengthen the economic and cultural vitality of neighborhoods, cities, regions, and states.


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Nominating Cultural Enrichers and projects
At Culturally Enriched Communities, we recognize that around the world, there are daring and caring people and teams who use design to create communities in which everyone can thrive. Our goal is to foster synergies and give visibility to these innovative ideas as we firmly believe that the answers we are looking for in creating a just and equitable world are right here, in front of our eyes, if we know where to look. Use this form to nominate Cultural Enrichers and their projects. Projects of all scales and at any state of development in design education and practice can be nominated. See stories of Cultural Enrichers here.

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